Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Letter from the future, concerning plumbing technology.

You walk into the stall, a sensor mounted to the back ceramic bio-terrorism absorbing tiles, instantly downloading your profile contained in the chip installed in the back of your bionic brain. You have had this brain since 1984, but numerous bodys, being that the year is 2220. The sensor takes your information and molds your bathroom experience exactly to your liking. The memory shaping seat sketches and skews to accommodate your unique posterior.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

the future of poop.

Major trends driving the future of technology:

  • Quick change, exponential doubling, tripling and quadrupling of technology
  • Technologies are getting smaller and faster, as well as cheaper.
  • The younger generation is advancing quicker, and acquiring more mass information than the prior one.
  • Direct consumer access to materials, eliminating the need for the “middle man”
  • Prosumption, or consumption + production, which leads to mass customization, i.e., choosing what color, size, or style fits your individual personality

How will these changes affect the world of plumbing over the next twenty years?

  • People, no matter how advanced, will still have to shit. This is not something that can occur “virtually”
  • Plumbing, if not plumbers, will become more intelligent. For example, in most newly constructed homes polyethylene is replacing copper for potable water lines.
  • Your shower can now be wired to the internet with waterproof screen and keyboard. It also has the capacity to house your telephone, and television. Living in this fast paced world, we just don’t have time to stand in the shower for twenty minutes and only accomplish the remedial task of personal hygiene.
  • Most toilets flush automatically when you walk away thanks to advancements in technology's.